Advertising and Publishing

Advertising and Publishing

Today, we are in the golden age of publishing wherein the industry is going through almost every day changes. There is huge growth and advertisers and publishers are coming up with new ways to deliver their content/messages to the audience. While the print medium is certainly not dead, publishers are largely embracing the digital medium. For readers too, digital platforms provide a more convenient alternative to stay updated with information and news. Consumers are accessing content more on screens using a variety of devices and several times in a day.

If content has been said to be the king, the queen today is certainly conveniences. The growth rate of advertising is expected to be more than 5.7% in the coming years. According to the latest stats, the purchase of online games has itself reached the $11 billion figure. Games like Farmville and Angry Birds have been a popular marketing tool for several advertisers. The implications are more if you considered the turnaround achieved through YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.
ITZIPTECH advertising and publishing industry service offerings
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Publishing portal development

We are best in web portal design, development, management and publishing it for business
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Third party integration solutions

We offer various services to support wide range of third party application integration solutions
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Listing of businesses/company/firms

We will list your business in specific category and country for online branding of business
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Business search through key criteria

We provide excellent marketing services by which your business would boost up higher
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Search engine optimization

For any business we provide SEO services to get better ranking, online branding and revenue
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Featured advertisement services

We offer flexible and featured advertisement services to client according to their requirement
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Social media integration

Social media integration is essential for user engagement and for increasing selling
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Advertising website and app development

We provide best industry specific advertisement and app development business solutions
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B2B and B2C marketing tools integration

We design and develop fully customized tools for B2B and B2C marketing to increase productivity
Industry Challenges


Advertising is serious business. To be on top, you would require precisely tailored digital tools to reach a wider number of audiences while serving an experience that would make them come back for more.

Target Marketing

Every advertising process has a different requisite. It is not an industry where "one size fits all". You will need to appeal to the diverse customer base through different marketing channels and campaigns.

Resource Optimization

Technology has constantly been evolving and it is the job of the modern marketer to keep up with the essential analytics.

Multi Platform

The channels of communication are highly diverse today. Again each one of them requires various degree of compatibility. Cross platform advertising and interface responsiveness is what every marketer would be targeting for.
How ITZIPTECH offers business value

ITZIPTECH has come up with a variety of internet advertising solutions with the use of web architecture and processes that are tailored around your business. Our developers have been creating configurable solutions to accommodate changing business environments with robust and scalable developing and reporting tools.

  • Multichannel approach: We have been creating a successful experience with credit functions, customer relationship management, order capture, revenue recognition, accounting, content development, website development, mobile app development, CMS solutions and a host of other services.
  • Business process transformation: Our solutions are tactically tailored to leverage your business models enabling you to optimize, manage and transform business processes. Enterprise solutions from ITZIPTECH also include third party integration.
  • Business analysis and optimization: Implementing our solutions, businesses across the globe have been able to efficiently control each process in digital marketing, advertising and publishing. Using technologies like condition monitoring and workflow monitoring, we guarantee an increased productivity through your digital platforms.
  • Media management: ITZIPTECH offers a holistic approach to customer information, and processes that capture, store, manage, preserve and deliver data using integrated digital media systems.

ITZIPTECH's advertising and publishing solutions have been built around pure internet architecture and workflow processes that understand how your business works. Our products will help you meet the challenges of the changing business environment.