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Associate Partnership

Associate Partnership

The aim of ITZIPTECH's Associate Partnership plan is to support partners and provide information that helps building a community to bring partners together. Through our Associate Partnership programs, we seek to create long lasting relationship with our associates/partners helping to improve IT service deliverable to them. As an associate partner, you can stay on top of all policy developments. The forum allows for in-depth issues on discussion with policy leaders with great networking opportunities. In the associate partnership program, we will be playing the role of extending your existing business setup. You can also choose among outsourcing the complete project or working collectively on a project wherein we will support and assist with a state of the art infrastructure facility and a highly skilled team of designers and developers.

All our associate partners get the advantage of getting the highest priority to their projects. We would be working on your project as per your demands – hourly or weekly and at a very competitive rate that is exclusively available for your associate partners.

Benefits of being an associate partner with ITZIPTECH Technology IT Services Ltd

  • A world class infrastructure for development and a huge pool of experienced and talented designers and developers
  • All round development support
  • Client centric project processes and schedules
  • Marketing expenses shared by ITZIPTECH
  • High priority deliveries for associate partners
  • Work as an independent developer without having to disclose our brand
  • Discounted rates with hourly development and design exclusively tailored for associate partners
  • To notch services "as and when" needed

Responsibilities on your shoulders

Becoming an associate partner with ITZIPTECH doesn't just come with a hoard of advantages but certain responsibilities that we expect you to stand true to. Our associate partners are needed to be:

  • Highly flexible and upgraded infrastructure
  • Initiating activities related to "call to action"
  • Building and sharing the complete knowledge and understanding of projects
  • Experience and ability to drive marketing and sales initiatives to run campaigns
  • Experience and credibility with both web and mobile solutions
  • In constant communication with our development team

Eligibility of associate partnership with ITZIPTECH Services Coampany

Being an associate partner with ITZIPTECH ensures that you get associated with one of the fastest growing IT service providers. We would like to have partners who have the experience and will be able to support and guide us to a path of mutual success.

  • Associate partners of ITZIPTECH are required to have an equally upgraded infrastructure for IT design and development processes. Further, your development and design team would have to adhere to some quality requirements and certifications that we recognize and follow.
  • Each one of your developer needs to have proper working experience with the latest web and mobile development platforms and frameworks
  • Client management skills
  • Proper communication of client needs
  • Ability to present well supported drafts
  • Your company should have a positive history in being able to manage projects and close deals

Our Locations

INDIA Office:

ITZIPTECH Technology Corporate Tower, 12-13, Rathore Nagar, Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur , Rajasthan 302021