Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance

The world's economy is always in a change and this has been keeping financial institutions, businesses and insurance service providers active at each moment. According to the latest statistics, the banking and financial service industry accounts for more than 10% of the global GDP. The highest growth rates have been recognized in North America, followed by Europe, Asia and other continents. However, the implications of the change are equal to all regions across the globe. The industry has been largely supported by technological advancement in the last decade, wherein the B2C and B2B services have become easier, more relevant and convenient. Financial institutions across the globe are shifting to the new platform to seek a larger share of the highly competitive market.
ITZIPTECH banking and insurance industry service offerings
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Product development / life-cycle extension

We provide extensions for baking and insurance sector with fully customized features
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Legacy porting and migration

Provide cost and performance effective software porting services for best platform
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Web portal and application development

Provide web portal and development services with skilled developers in estimated time
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Product localization

Introduce new products to global markets and localization of the product by adding country-specific components
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Mobile applications

Develop and design mobile applications so that users can use services and transaction easily
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Web and mobile maintenance

Provide additional maintenance services at affordable cost comparatively to market
Industry challenges and opportunities

Data Intelligence

Data is everything when it comes to financial record keeping and management. Businesses are collaborating with intelligent technical solutions that present real time insights into the market and customer behavior. The opportunities for cross platform selling also necessitate an increased service excellence.

Customer Experience

At the core of selling financial services is making the customer feel confident and comfortable. Multi channel convergence and increase mobility have been making transactions simpler and faster. Loyalty programs, innovative pricing and personalization encircle an effective service delivered.

Risk Management

No other industry experiences risk monitoring and other security challenges as does the finance and insurance sector. While technology has made financial activities simpler, the risks of identity thefts and other nuances are also gaining grounds. Enterprises consequently have been looking for strict technical solutions that boost customer confidence and earn more revenues.
How ITZIPTECH offers business value

ITZIPTECH has always aimed at decreasing the information barrier between businesses and its customers. Our services will ]be able to help synchronize results for online efforts and maximizing the potential of your technical services. We render solutions that have been crafted in accordance with customer preference and market demands. Full lifecycle financial solution from ITZIPTECH presents a competitive edge to your business.

  • Business transformation: ITZIPTECH consultants will help you tighten the growth of business consulting and enterprise solutions. Our proprietary technical models have shown impactful results for many financial institutions across the globe.
  • Innovative acceleration: Our software services for banking and insurance companies integrate cutting edge product designing, technology implementation and architecture. Developers at ITZIPTECH have come up with several unique business transformation models for clients that rigorously support your goals.
  • Heightened security: Security being one of the most prominent aspects of the industry, our developers will be able to specifically tailor solutions that prevent data breach and any other nuisance.
  • Effective operations: Our technology led solutions are powered by the ability to maximize your efficiency while minimizing expenses and use of other resources. All our clients have been able to provide high end authorization systems that minimize the investment on quality assurance.