Ecommerce and Shopping

Ecommerce and Shopping

The growth of ecommerce and online shopping has been overwhelming in the recent years. Online retail spending has been increasing by more than 15% globally and is well supported by the rise in mobile commerce. In fact, estimates suggest that the online retail sales will reach a monstrous figure of $638 billion by 2018. With technological advancement, the statistics of this industry is highly encouraging and this had led to several new service providers, online portals and startups coming up with their catalogues.

The growth rate for this industry has been catapulted by both small and large products ranging from books to consumer electronics. Social media integration with ecommerce portals has also boosted the reach of the businesses globally. The core advantages of the industry lies in convenience associated with getting to select from a large range of products, comparing prices across portals, easy payment gateways and doorstep deliveries. Buyers can operate from all types of screens to make their choices.
ITZIPTECH Ecommerce and Shopping industry service offerings
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Facility management solutions

We provide practical assistance to businesses that don't have facilities management professionals
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POS system integration

Generate gaming application so that students would easily learn thing by taking interest
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Business centered ecommerce and B2C solutions

We provide integrated business centered ecommerce solutions to organizations for best performance
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Web portal and application development

We design & develop applications and web portals for your better usability
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Mobile application development

We provide mobile app development services at affordable cost
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Marketplace application development

We provide marketplace for application development which will give you best platform to explore
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Ecommerce SEO services

We focus on maximize sell and to increase revenue by doing perfect SEO for ecommerce portals
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Social media integration

Social media integration is necessary for any ecommerce business because of user engagement
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mCommerce development and maintenance

We have come up with mCommerce solutions which tailored to meet all the current requirements of e-retailers
Industry challenges and opportunities

Product Knowledge

Online retailers consequently have to use a variety of mediums and product catalogue formats to build the confidence. Product animation, videos, high resolution images, image scrolling and zooming options, detailed description, etc are vital to the success.

Sales Endeavors

Due to the huge marketing demand, competition in the ecommerce, ebusiness and online Marketing, shopping industry is huge. Retailers have to come up with frequent updates, technology and campaigns to keep their desirable portal popular.

Multi Platform Retailing

Owing to technology again, consumers are today operating on a variety of systems and devices. However, this proves to be a tough challenge for sellers. Cross platform portal development and website responsiveness are the only way out.

Transaction Security

The most crucial challenge for online retailers in however to provide security of customer information and transactions. Building confidence requires strict technological integration but at the same time, they also need to ensure that the convenience factor isn't hampere
How ITZIPTECH Services Coampany offers business values
  • Dynamic interfaces: At ITZIPTECH, our developers have been able to come up with highly dynamic shopping interfaces that keep your customers hooked, thereby boosting your brand identity.
  • Research: Our development work is preceded by thorough research into the consumer behavior of target demographics. Consequently, we would be able to generate content and build campaigns that engage.
  • Brand identity: Brand recognition and recall is vital for this highly competitive industry. At ITZIPTECH, we have helped several startups and large enterprises come up with intuitive solutions.