Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

The global media and entertainment industry is always poised for growth. Both consumer spending and time are thoroughly shifting to the digital alternatives. Subsequently established and new media and entertainment companies have been able to monetize customer engagement. Mergers and acquisitions of several big brands along with integration of high end technologies have been a key driver to this industry. Developing countries like India have more than 161 million television households, 214 million internet users, more than 2000 multiplexes, 130 million mobile internet subscribers and more than 94,067 newspaper/magazine subscribers. The growth rate for countries like United State is even more elaborate. The digitization of media has however been thoroughly helped by the growth in mobile technology. It is estimated that by 2018, the revenues for the global media and entertainment industry will increase by another 27.7%. For the Indian Subcontinent alone, the revenues will touch the figures of INR 1785.8 billion by the year 2018.

The media and entertainment industry worldwide is seeing a business wide transformation and the market is in the crucial period where both current and new business models seek to co-exist. Companies, as a result are keeping a thorough watch on consumer demands and changing cost structures. IT services have indeed been able to help the players to reach a wider amount of audience and increase their revenues.
ITZip Tech media and entertainment industry service offerings
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Inventory and distribution managementm

We provide software and application to make it easy and to reduce inventory cost with best quality
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Digital Supply Chain Management

We provide best industry specific software for clinic and hospital and supply chain management
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Legacy migration solutions

We provide integrated applications which provide a reduced cost structure and improved business performance
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Web portal and application development

We develop software and web portals for media business with best solutions and features
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SalesForce automation

We develop automation software for sales and media entertainment
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Playlist development

We develop playlist with excellent features and latest modules which user like most
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ERP/CRM development

We have expert team of developers which provide CRM development with best features
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Workflow management

We will make it easy for users to manage work and complete task with the help of application easily
Industry challenges and opportunities

Distribution/consumption of Content

Though the online events and ticketing industry has several consumer benefits, many practices have in fact led to a consumer backlash. A good example would be consumers depending on the online booking but see that the tickets have been sold in a few minutes or less. The reason had been brokers getting the whole bunch of tickets and reselling them at higher prices.

Intellectual Property Rights

The product of this industry fall under the realms of intellectual property. Consequently, there are rights and affiliations associated with the sharing and selling of the content. This can indeed play a barrier to new entry. Moreover, bigger players are already working of distribution patents, adding to the challenges.

Personalized Content

Media and entertainment industry products aren't standalone but come collaborated with similar content. In most cases, the consumer demands for a highly personalized product. Multi-platform access is also both an opportunity for marketers and a challenge likewise.
How ITZipTech IT Services Ltd offers business value
  • Multi channel approach: Our developer will help you cater to a wider range of audience through the integration multiple platforms for product access.
  • Securely managed infrastructure: Our media management tools establish distinctive systems, assets, channels and networks. Further, we can come up with security solutions that will be a notch higher than your competitors and without compromising on the ease of access.
  • Media management: Reliable IT tools developed by ITZip Tech will help you capture, store, manage, preserve and deliver data while integrating it with distinct technologies.