Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The most important components of software development is quality assurance and testing of the application. It is a necessary part of the project engineering. The procedure of software development is complex. As a result, the chance of errors cannot be ignored. The testing process helps to uncover the hidden bugs in the application. However, testing involves vigorous techniques to identify errors and correct them without obstruction the time and cost of the project. Therefore, a company requires testing team who has eagerness to picking out the bugs using the testing tools.

At ITZIPTECH IT Services Comapny , we have highly experienced testing team who are well knowledgeable with the modern testing methods. They hold sound knowledge of the software programming languages. They are skilled in their task and accomplish accurate testing of the application across different devices, carriers and languages.

ITZIPTECH delight being one of the most famous offshore web and mobile apps development companies in India. We have successfully gained the trust of hundreds of webmasters, companies and individuals across the globe who are looking for outsourcing software projects. We have enough resources and technical skills for execution of the entire software testing cycle.

How does it work?

ITZIPTECH follow define strict process for quality assurance/testing to assure the best possible results.

Planning After discussion with the project team, our QA team drafts a test plan. Based on the Software Requirements Specifications (SRS), the test cases and outline are developed.
Test Implementation After the proposal of the test plan and confirmation of the test cases, ITZIPTECH skilled testers start with the implementation of the tests. Our testers use a variation of software testing techniques.
Reporting Bugs The bugs or flaw found in our online application are reported to the developers by our testers. The message of bugs are define by using screen shots and other graphical tool.
Fixing Bugs On bug perception, they are reported to the developers who technically fix them and finally we test again. After fixing bugs, the application is once again confirm by the QA team before releasing it.
Types of Testing We Offer

User Interface Test (UI Testing)

The purpose of user interface test is to assess the result of the application. It checks the level of successful end user interaction with the application. This test also examines the scale to which the application can pattern of the user's action and execute a regular interaction. Additionally, user interface testing also helps to:

  • 1Guarantee that the application comply to the client requirements and to the other elements of the inspect model.
  • 2Dig up errors related specifically to interfaces working system.
  • 3Assure that the end users realize the design friendly and easy to access. There should not be any uncertainty in terms of content and design

Navigation Testing

At ITZIPTECH, we carry out navigation test on your application to make sure the navigation semantics and syntax are applied properly. We also make sure that the navigation of the application is in consent with the hardware of the device. In addition, we follow with the navigation standards of the device. Our testers assure that users reach the app screens easily, and quickly navigate through the application.

Usability Test

This test is independently done for examine the applications by testing it on end users. This unique usability practice focuses on calculate the product's magnitude to meet its willful purpose.

ITZIPTECH supports an on-demand User Acceptance Test (UAT). In this test, the application is actually tested by the end user. We share our testing guidelines through formal communication. This ensures the user-friendliness of the application with better understanding and easy information sharing. The company also provides client support for technological inputs.

Network Test

Network testing creates the compliance of your application with various networks like 3G and Wi-Fi. It tests the pliability and performance of your application under these networks and ensures that it works smoothly on them.

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