Real Estate and Property

Real Estate and Property

The real estate and property industry has been under strict scrutiny with events like mortgage crisis and others. However, it is still a highly lucrative field that generates billions of dollars in revenues each year. In 2014, the revenues figure for this industry globally was around $30 billion. This was a collaborative figure earned by more than 25,000 companies, mainly in the real estate management and commercial brokerage field. The opportunities in this industry follow a cyclic change contributed by the three fields of management, leasing and brokerage. The industry has also been highly affected by international investment and the digitization of property industry. Property search on any part of the globe is as easy as sitting and browsing the internet at your convenience. Real estate apps too allow potential buyers to gets alerts and messages of preferable properties at a range of budgets. This ease of property search has led to a substantial increase in bookings.

ITZIPTECH Real Estate and Property industry service offerings
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Real estate mobile application development

We develop mobile apps for real estate business so that it will feasible for users to manage things
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Online booking engine development

We provide Online booking software so that user can easily book property by sitting at home
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Website and portal development

We build websites of real estate and property with best user experience and fully featured
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Tenant billing and rent collection system development

We develop apps and programs by which you can collect rent and pay bills just by one click
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Cash flow modeling

With the use of application and software you can make transactions in simpler way
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3D modeling and animation solutions

We provide software solutions for modeling and animation for much better look
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Auction and reverse auction software development

Configured with best features we develop and built auction software so that you can easily buy and sell properties with the help of application
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Property buying/selling and auction portal developments

We develop web portals from where you can check every detail about property rate, auction and selling etc
Industry challenges and opportunities

Centralization of Lead

The leads for real estate market are many but so are the numbers of service providers that each buyers like to switch onto. Augmenting several customer services into a single platform is a real challenge for emerging players.

Foreign Ownership Laws

Every country has a different set of law regarding purchase of real estate and property investment by foreigners. While many governments are coming up with restrictive laws, many other are trying to attract foreign investment into their economy.

Market Fluctuations

Property values have been highly fluctuating and are constantly affected by credit crunches, unemployment, financial constraints, government infrastructure development and regional differences. Failing economies have stalled real estate construction in the western market while the situation is just the opposite in most Asian nations.

Digitization of Services

Virtual reality, 3D modeling, 3D tours, detailed property description, access to real world data through screens, etc are factors driving the modern property buying processes.
How ITZIPTECH IT Services offers business value
  • Building and construction management: ITZIPTECH developers have been able to create highly complex interfaces that aim to streamline the construction and building management processes. This includes 3D blueprint development, inspections, scheduled updates and other actions that contribute to minimizing cost and time.
  • Complying regulations: We build real estate software solutions that allows multi-platform access while establishing a higher customer reach. Our IT solutions and precisely tailored CRM solutions help your customers / subscribers get immediate updates and property alerts.
  • Secondary services: Our team not only engages in development of IT solutions but also engage in generating a through report on the behavioral analysis of your target demographics. Using verifiable data and statistics, we will be able to craft solutions that match your business needs.