As one of the leading IT service providers, ITZIPTECH relies heavily on a perfectly streamlined Return Policy as a means to ensure customer satisfaction with every order. Customers/clients are guaranteed a fair practice of mutually agreeable and vigilant parameters with all sorts of refund claims. If we haven't been able to tailor a service according to your instructions or have been delayed beyond an agreeable term, you can come up with a claim for refunds. All our policies have been tailored suiting a variety of situations and needs.

When does an order qualify for a refund?

While it has never been the case, we would like to take into account situations when our work falls below your expectations. Clients can apply for refunds when no other solution seems applicable. However, the validity of a refund claim is predisposed to certain criteria. Refunds can only be claimed when:

  • Development or post operation sales haven't started
  • There has been no violation in the terms of payment and the problem in delivery lay on our end
  • The issues leading to a refund aren't worth fixing, rectifying or resolving
  • The client hasn't used any sort of business / monetary / service benefits during their course of association with the company
  • The reason seems to be valid enough
  • Clients have all proof surfacing the claim
  • The refund claim doesn't accrue from payment vendors or banks
  • The claim has been made within 30 days of the expected delivery / project cancellation
  • ITZIPTECH Technology deems any other appropriate charges

All the refund claims are handled by our customer service team and the qualification of a claim is at the discretion of the same. However, be sure that we will not keep back your money if we haven't been able to provide you a valuable service. Consequently, with ITZIPTECH, none of your investment goes waste.

ITZIPTECH Technology Cancellation Policy

A client with ITZIPTECH is free to ask for a project / order cancellation at any time in the project. However, it would only mean that no future payments / installments need to be made to our account. The cancellation of a project / order doesn't however generate a process of refund. In some cases, you might also have to put in the next installment even after the cancellation has taken place. The nuances depend on the project and the agreed upon timelines.

Third Party Disclosure
  • A refund query needs to be checked and analyzed for veracity
  • Matching the query with reference points and agreeable parameters
  • Arranging refunds, either in full or in parts, depending upon the situation
  • Customers/clients need to sign a proof agreement
  • Return / destroy all communication and information shared as a part of your project

Our refunds usually take between 10 and 15 days for processing after the proofs have been verified and the customer service team forwards it to the accounts department. However, the refund period might differ depending upon the currency, exchange fees, exchange rates, etc. It is upon to customer to pay any fees / increased exchange rates accruing from the refund.