Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Smartphones have brought about a complete change in user experience and website designs. Today, web browsing has been actively integrated with technology rich mobile devices. However, just like the same brand cannot have two different logos, website design also requires remaining constant regardless of the device they are accessed from. Interacting with websites from smartphones is not the same experience as browsing on traditional PCs. While PCs came with bigger screens, modern phones integrate functionalities like touch, pixel resolution, optimized markup and several other technologies.

Responsive web designing refers to the approach of coding and laying down a website such that the resultant content is presented for an optimal viewing experience. Responsive web design uses just a single batch of coding that optimizes itself according to the viewing screen. It makes navigation smoother and requiring a minimal amount of scrolling, panning, resizing or zooming.

Designs that have been created for PC viewing of websites navigate to smaller screens of mobile devices and tablets. Put simply, responsive web designing ensures that navigation elements like screen layouts, images, texts, video players and accompanying UI readjusts itself as per the hosting device. The biggest advantage of responsive web designing included minimizing the investment and time put into creating several versions of different browsing interfaces. Further, with new devices being manufactured more often, responsive web design is the only way to attaining consistency of design and content. Get a Quote
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Important features of Responsive Web Designing from ITZIPTECH
  • Responsive websites from ITZIPTECH are made to be super flexible. We ensure that the content moves freely across any device or screen resolution. With responsive web designing, both grids and images are made to be fluid such that they find themselves the right arrangement, making it a convenient and consistent experience for the viewer.
  • Responsive web design from our developers supports the rule of content being the king in this age of Google Penguin. The designing process here provides an optimal user experience regardless of the device.
  • The very ability of the interface to adjust itself according to the device capacity reduces the investment which would have otherwise been required to create separate versions of the same site. One website will always cost less than two. Further, as a webmasters, you save money needed for maintenance and update of web interfaces.
  • Responsive web designing from ITZIPTECH also integrates the elements of search engine optimization. Responsiveness makes it easier for users to share, link and interact with the accompanying content.
Core Advantages of ITZIPTECH Responsive Web Designing

ITZIPTECH takes up both new projects and can also convert your existing website into a responsive interface. Our team is highly experienced with the core technologies and tools that make responsive websites more appealing and accessible including flexible media and images, flexible grid based layouts, media queries and re-sizing. Ours is the leading responsive web design service provider and at the most affordable rates.