Social Media & Networking

Social Media & Networking

Social networks have been helping influence public decisions making and opinions. It has been able to bridge the communication gap between businesses and clients like never before. At the heart of social networking are communication channels and social platforms that have proved to be fundamentally different from our traditional media including television, magazines, radio, billboards and even websites. These traditional mediums were a form of one-way communication but social media and networking has grown a step ahead to provide means for two way communications. As a result, customers can not directly communicate with business and industry representatives at a more personal level.

In the United States alone, social media users have been growing by more than 25% each year. In European nations, around 2/3rd of the total users are logged into one of their social media profiles at any given point in time. 60% of users are logged into Facebook and 20% to twitter. In Japan, Twitter users have been growing constantly by more than 500% every year. These numbers not only reflect the popularity of the social channels but their increasing implications for marketing propaganda and business recognition.
ITZIPTECH social media and networking industry service offerings
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Business research

First phase is business research in well optimized way so that we can set targets for branding
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Social search optimization

We optimized each point for your business so that it will increase revenue and productivity
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Content management

Content management is core part for networking of any business to run it in proper way
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Social app development

Our focus is to expand approach and branding of your business by developing best business applications
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Customer engagement

We guarantee for customer engagement and interaction with your business for your branding
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Features/sponsored advertising services

We provide sponsored advertising services to clients worldwide at affordable cost
Industry Challenges and opportunities

Social Applications

Similar to normal mobile application found in the Play Store or App Store, social apps too have been helping boost business marketing. However, the performance if an app relies heavily on the creativity, uniqueness and the representative power of it.


Social Media like Facebook were initially meant to get over the communication barrier between individuals. However, now that businesses are trying to make use of the vast reach of the platforms, the security implications have increased manifold.

Choosing Between Different Platforms

While there are several platforms available for social presentation, it can get really difficult for business to be equally present on all of them. Consequently, they need to focus on only a select few depending on the type of demographics they are trying to reach out to.

Diverse Demographics

Social Media and Networking is a global community with people from all religions, ages, ethnicity and cultures having an active participation. For businesses, it can get really difficult to craft out a solution that pleases all.
How ITZIPTECH offers business value

ITZIPTECH has been catering to a vast diversity of industries and businesses, helping create social content and applications that reach out to all. It is not just about the ease of communication but making the best use of it.

  • Business analysis: ITZIPTECH social tool development is preceded by thorough research into the targeted demographics. We would be using data channels and competitor analysis to craft out the best solution.
  • Media and content management: We don't just design but also use a variety of content platforms that profitably addresses your requirements.
  • Multichannel design: Our developers have been able to address the crucial issue of managing a variety of social channels from a single interface. With us, you would be able to address every category of your demographics in time and with the least investment of resources.