Travel and Transportation

Travel and Transportation

Over the past decades, the tourism industry has been experiencing exponential growth rates. With wide diversification of services, it can be said to be the fastest growing economic sector. Modern tourism has been linked to global destination development and overall development of the economy. Today, the volume of tourism surpasses the revenue generated from the global automobile, food products and even oil export industries. The contributions are reflected in all complimenting sectors ranging from telecommunications to agriculture and infrastructure to employment. In 2013 alone, the global tourism revenues accounted for more than 9.5% of the total economy. Every year, tourist arrivals have been growing by 5% (1.087 billion in 2013). The enormous positive changes are facilitated by higher disposable incomes, changing lifestyles, improved means of communications and travel, and the tourism oriented development by the government.

Another important factor for the growing popularity of tourism is the digitization of services. From ticket booking to map guides, everything has been integrated into portable screens to allow the traveler to be out there without any fear of getting lost or not being able to find a suitable place or company.
ITZIPTECH travel and transportation industry service offerings
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Web portal and application development

We design web portals and applications for travel and tourism industry for better user experience
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Destination management systems

We provide software and applications for management of destination and vehicle tracking
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Local search and mapping applications

This app helps travelers to search for your travelling firm so it is most important development feature
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E-Ticketing, reservation, booking engine development

We provide applications and engines for reservation and ticketing for user feasibility
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Market research and analytics

We provide applications which help you in growth of your business by comparing with other
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Hotel booking, car rental, flight booking and related applications

We build and develop applications for hotel, flight bookings and all travel related facilities
Industry Challenges and opportunities

Resource Optimization

Coming to the ticketing, travel and hotel bookings, inventory management is of crucial importance. Businesses aim to manage their resources efficiently with the help of business analytics and research data.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The customer base of the tourism industry is varied and uses several mediums for technology access. Organizations looking to succeed need to come up with challenging solutions to cross platform service compatibility.

Target Marketing

A group of college kids will respond in a particular way to a tourism campaign than an elderly couple. Everyone has varied interests when it comes to the choice of destinations. Depending up the tastes, budgets, reach, and cultures of demographics, service providers need to come up with highly targeted marketing campaigns.


The travel industry is faced with tough competition. For every destination, there would be thousand of vendors. Dozens of ticketing portals have made their mark on the internet platform and every other day we see a new mobile application related to travel services. To sustain in the industry, brands need to come p with innovative service experiences and delivery platforms.
How ITZipTech IT SERVICES LIMITED(Formerly known as ITZIPTECH IT SERVICES) Ltd offers business value

ITZIPTECH has been catering to a vast diversity of industries and businesses, helping create social content and applications that reach out to all. It is not just about the ease of communication but making the best use of it.

  • Destination management: We help you create an elaborate, easy and interesting platform for destination management. Our fine tunes portals will cater to each genre of the market, helping your create the maximum impact with all types of content and marketing materials.
  • Mapping: Through web and mobile applications, we have been able to create more than a dozen of mapping and other destination search applications.
  • Travel and hotel bookings: ITZIPTECH developers can come up with intuitive booking engines that will add to the convenience of your customers while promoting reliability and security.